Winter Wields His Power Once Again

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winterpicWoke up this morning to a blanket of snow over the homestead. In fact it wasn’t just a dusting as anticipated, Denver got hit with more than 4 inches of snow today. Who would have thought we would get snow in April. Well, welcome to Colorado. For those that are not familiar we can get snow almost anytime of year. Usually it tapers off in April or May, but it has been known to snow in June. Never underestimate old man winter.

I guess I will be postponing planting the new seedlings, until we are past our last frost of spring which will probably be toward the middle to end of May. This gives me time to plant two of the five trees I intend┬áto put in the ground this spring. We started most of our seeds in starter pots and are keeping them indoors. Hopefully we didn’t begin this endeavor too soon. I would hate to have to transplant them before planting them into the garden beds. I am still working on the overall garden design. I am┬ádiagramming the sun movements and identifying the heavy sun and shade areas. Additionally, I am also looking at where to place the hugel beds, and how to redirect the runoff water and capture some of the overflow. I would like to put in a pond at the end of the run so that I can use that to water all the garden beds. Now if I can figure out where to put the trees so they do not shade out the garden beds, I will be ahead of the curve.

Hmmm, I just had an idea about vermicomposting, and if I don’t make a note of it here, I might lose my train of thought. What if we setup a walk way similar to a boardwalk with removable sections of planking, and placed worm beds beneath them and into the ground. This will give plenty of air movement in the beds, keep the worms working, because we can add our green and brown material into the top of the worm beds, though I’m not sure what to do about the moisture or the cold temperatures. Well, still a good thought, maybe I will stew on it for a bit until I get a better idea. Guess I need to get ready for the slow drive home through this wonderful Colorado spring weather.

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