Winter Breathes Another Flurry of Snow Across The Homestead

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Awoke this morning and found our home covered in a blanket of snow. The temperatures soar into the 60’s and 70’s and then we get another front that moves through and leaves the place covered in snow and ice.

I have been hoping to get our fruit trees planted, but with these cold fronts that keep moving through, I do not really want to shock them any more than is necessary to get them into the ground. They are doing well in their pots for now, and we are keeping them watered every week. I am hopeful that this is the last bit of winter so that we can get started planting. I guess we will see what the weather has in store for the next couple of weeks.

The rabbits have been doing well as we started cutting back their food and providing quite a bit more hay for them. They seem really happy and content, even though the weather dropped below freezing they didn’t seem to mind. We tended to their water situation as their containers were frozen over. After thawing and refilling with fresh water they were doing pretty good basking in the morning sun.

Garden Herbs and peppersWe checked our starting trays over the weekend and they are all doing pretty well. The sunflowers are spiraling upwards and lots of our herbs are also growing strong. We have a few seeds that have not sprouted as of yet, but are hopeful in the next couple days that they will also begin to break the soil.

As for our outdoor projects, things are on hold until the snow starts to melt. We were able to get a hold of several piles of slash from one of our neighbors that did a lot of early pruning. I hope to be able to turn this into mulch for our garden beds, and logs for our oyster mushroom plugs. The compost bins are also going strong as is our worm factory. Looking forward to the sun rearing its brightness and melting what we hope will be the last snow of the season.

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