Update: Rabbits and Chickens

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Rabbits 14 weeksWe have been tending and caring for both rabbits and chickens this year in the hopes of producing fresh eggs and potential meat. As you remember from our previous post about our Rabbit Project, and Chicken Project we intend to keep providing updates as to how these critters are coming along.

The rabbits are primarily on a timothy hay diet with about a cup of rabbit food daily. At first they were making a mess of the hay and weren’t that interested in eating it. That only lasted a couple of days and now they are eating the timothy hay, and we will start them on some orchard grass with timothy hay mixed in.

Updated Chickens 8 weeksThe rabbits are continuing to give us a significant amount of cold compost pellets for all of our planting needs.

The chickens are outside now and doing really well they had a problems figuring out when it was time to go inside the coop and when to stay out. The first couple days they looked like lost children, but they are figuring things out. We have decided to continue to provide them with a heat lamp for another week as we are still getting temperatures that seem to dip into the 20’s and that may be too cold for them at this age. We are feeding them starter feed and once we deplete the 40 lb. bag we bought, they will start on an egg layer blend of feed along with some grit, cracked corn, and some oyster shells when they begin laying.

The chickens are really shaping up and have started to get their gold lace on their breasts. Any doubt we had about them being black stars has vanished in seeing these birds mature. They are growing into beautiful hens with hopes of becoming excellent egg producers.

So it seems that our rabbits and chickens are all developing on schedule and we are especially looking forward to when we can breed the rabbits and get our first offspring. As for the chickens, well it might be almost the end of summer before they will begin laying their first clutches of eggs.


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