UPDATE: Growing Apple Trees

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Apple SeedlingsToday, I want to share a bit of information about our efforts in growing apple trees from seeds.

I have been nursing these seeds for the last several weeks. They have been exposed to late snowfall, heavy rains and watering, and then heat into the 80’s. Out of 100+ seedlings I have TWO little seedlings that have sprouted.

These things must be sentient, as I was getting frustrated with not seeing any signs of growth. I started checking on a sample of the plantings by getting into the plant and dumping the contents onto a pan and inspecting for anything that might be developing. In my seven plus samples I found nothing that indicated any success. Of the seven I checked I only found one apple seed, and the sprout was missing. Then the very next day these two newly sprouted apple seeds presented themselves. Questionable? Perhaps, but why after I had almost declared this a failure these two sprouts appeared.

These two seedlings are a braeburn and golden delicious, after several days it appears these are definitely apple and not some contaminant seedling, though I haven’t fully ruled this out as of yet. In hindsight and for my next run, I would do a few things different.

Keeping the seedlings outdoors may be questionable, due to the fluctuating temperatures, and the late cold spell. I feel this may have compromised the progress and killed most of the newly germinated seeds. My next attempt at growing apple seeds I will most likely keep the “conetainers” in a tray of water so that they will wick moisture up to the seedling instead of watering from the surface. Additionally, I will be monitoring the temperatures more closely, and keeping the conetainer tray free from any foreign contaminants even if that means covering the seedlings, or placing in a controlled environment.

I am continuing to monitoring these two trees, and am grateful this project was not a total failure, and will post here if there are any new discoveries with this project.

Apple SeedlingsUPDATE [6/2/2014]: Noticed when checking on these seedlings yesterday that there were two more seedlings that popped that brings the total up to 4 potential fruit trees. I am going to continue to treat all these as if they are going to sprout and keep this going forward. Perhaps I just didnt wait long enough, seems these might be real hardy trees as they have been traumatized and still have figured out how to thrive.

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