The AntHomesteader Workshops 2017

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Are you tired of eating out?

Would you be interested in saving on your grocery bill by learning to create a garden and produce your own food?

Do you want to provide your family with healthy nutrient dense food?

We would love to help you create your own garden that will be filled with abundance and provide you and your family with the best source of food for your dinner table.

Do you need help getting started growing your own food?

We offer workshops that can help you get over all the common mistakes and put you on a fast track to producing nutrient dense food from your own garden in just a few weeks. Let us show you how to do this with little money and materials you already own, from a small balcony garden to a several acre farm. We specialize in small area gardening that will produce big results. Our solutions apply to all financial situations that will get you started growing today.

Who is The AntHomesteader?

We are a small business/homestead that has been living and working in Castle Rock Colorado for the past several years. We are learning and thriving as well as having a strong desire to share what we have learned with our community. There is quite a steep learning curve in overcoming this arid landscape and we have learned several techniques that have allowed us to produce an abundance here in Colorado.

Cheryl and I are just like most urban homesteaders and have had our share of successes and failures in learning techniques and methods that will help even the most timid gardener in getting started. Specializing in low or no cost gardening, recycling or up-scaling materials, as well as gardening in any space no matter how small. We want to help our community produce the best food and landscapes that will continue to thrive in this challenging environment. We would love to hear from you about what you might like to learn, so please take a few moments and complete our survey. Come join us and let us show you how to maintain a sustainable garden and help you to produce the most nutrient rich food you could imagine.

We are offering the following workshops:

From Seed to Table Gardening (The lazy gardener way)

This course will cover all aspects of starting seeds, and designing beds, and practicing gardening concepts based on companion planting to maximize space while producing an abundance. You will learn which plants will feed other plants while prospering themselves, as well as how to prepare the soils and maintain nutrients from year to year. We will also go over each type of bed and different gardening methods from growing a salad or herb bed to keeping a kitchen garden, to full scale market gardening. You will learn a variety of methods to help grow nutrient rich garden soils through composting and supplements to vermiculture and growing mushrooms.

Keeping Backyard Chickens

In this course we will go over the full life-cycle of keeping chickens. We will talk about raising meat birds, keeping egg layers, and using chickens to improve your garden. You will learn which coop will work for you and how many chickens you may need. We will cover the different species available based on your requirements. Our course will help you to understand if chickens are right for you, and how easy it is to get started.

 Composting and Vermiculture 101

Learn how to build a compost heap and what the magic ratio is to produce rich garden soil. We will cover the aspects of using worms to produce casting and compost teas, as well as other secrets to growing fertility in these harsh arid soils. We will also show you how to turn your table scraps into rich black gold with a variety of composting techniques. Learn to save money and turn your food waste into a lush fertile garden.

Other workshops include the following:

  • Creating fertile, drought tolerant soils in Colorado
  • Food preservation
  • Plant propagation and starting seeds
  • Bio-char and other soil amendments
  • Building livestock housing (coops, tractors, chick-saws, hutches, pens)
  • Raising chickens, turkeys, and rabbits for the dinner table (slaughtering)
  • Fermenting: sauerkraut, pickles, kefir, kombucha, mead and wines
  • Energy: rocket mass heaters and stoves, passive solar heating water and air
  • Permaculture: basics and concepts to get you started, Analyzing inputs and outputs, Assessing the needs and looking to nature to provide, and Identifying and replicating your successes

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