Setting Up Soaker Hose Irrigation

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Blueberries and blackberries being watered by a soaker hose.

Watering can be a bit of a chore as we stretch our garden areas or increase the number of garden beds we manage. This is why we decided to utilize a soaker hose so that we could easily water areas that are not as accessible for us as well as to be sure that a couple of our beds are getting enough water throughout the heat of the day.

By utilizing a soaker hose we don’t lose as much water to evaporation as watering with a regular watering hose or sprinkler. I like this method as it puts water right into the ground and you can direct the hose anywhere you need to. I am surprised at how quickly the ground soaks this water in and within about 20 minutes it becomes saturated.

I’m not exactly certain as to how much money we may be saving utilizing this watering technique, but perhaps this is something I will experiment with in the future. Our primary reason for using these soaker hoses is to water a few beds and a small area on the side of our house that is not as accessible.

Raised Bed 2
Raised beds being watered by soaker hoses

We have an area on the side of our house that is separated by a privacy fence from our backyard. To be sure we get this area watered we are using a soaker hose to accommodate watering our blueberries and blackberries we have planted there.

We have also decided to employ these soaker hoses in several of our raised beds. These hoses are fairly cheap and can be found in most stores with a garden center. They do need careful management as it is easy to forget these are on and you can turn a small area into a swamp fairly quickly.

The next thing I think we will implement to help us manage watering will be a watering timer. This will allow us to set precise times for watering and we will be able to adjust watering times and duration over the course of the growing season.

Setting up the system was pretty simple as I made a 6 ft hose from an old garden hose and used it to connect the splitter that provides a turn-off valve for both soaker hoses. One of the hoses then goes through the fence to the area we have blueberries planted, and the other goes to the 3 raised beds that we have planted. This allows us to turn on the main valve and then have the option to water the side yard area, the raised beds, or both. Overall the system was inexpensive to setup, and relatively easy as it only took about 20 minutes.

Soaker Hose Valve  Soaker Hose Bed 1 and 2  Soaker Hose Bed 3

Additionally, notice in the last picture of the 4′ x 8′ garden bed that you can see the bird netting that we have installed to keep the chickens out of that area.

Please post any questions or comments about using a soaker hose system or share your experiences with soaker hoses as I appreciate your feedback. Thanks.

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