Rabbits: First Attempts of Breeding

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Rabbits 14 weeksWe have had our rabbits now going on a year. We got them when they were just a few weeks old. After six months we attempted breeding the female, and things started out pretty well. She was putting on the weight and eating more than usual. We anticipated the big day and provided her a nesting box, and continued to monitor her daily.

After about 30 days she birthed 12 little pink hairless creatures. We provided an additional heat lamp for the young rabbits and kept them in a pile of hay and bedding. Checking on them almost hourly we noticed that mamma did not want anything to do with her offspring. She pranced about ever so delicately, and acting confused as to what to do. We kept to our position of observing and monitoring the situation. Each day we removed a few more little creatures that had not survived the summer nights. We did our best to make sure that the others were kept warm while their mamma came around.

Being stumped, we removed the last offspring from the box, and spent hours online researching what we could have done differently. We discovered that this is more common than we had first suspected. In fact, most rabbits as new mothers often lose their entire litter.

We gave them a couple weeks break and tried breeding them again, but this time the female would have none of that and she just dominated the male and kept him from doing his job. We didn’t put much effort in overriding her intentions as we decided to let her have a bit of a break and since winter was coming, we felt that maybe we would try again in the spring.

rex rabbitsThe following spring we decided to sell the rabbits and after much debate, and back and forth weighing our options. We decided to try again.

We decided to purchase two more rabbits. Another male and female, but of a different breed. We decided to get two mini Rex rabbits and try again. We are hopeful that these two new additions will help us get this breeding practice down, and expand our knowledge about rabbits.

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