My Homebrewing Journal

My Homebrewing Journal

Hardcopy Version

My Homebrewing Journal Cover
Size: 8.5″ x 11″ Binding: Saddle Stitch
Covers: 60# Cream
Page Count: 28 pages – 23 record sheets, 6 recipe cards ( 2 per page), brewing references, inventory sheet, conversions table, and personal data.

$14.95 ea

Electronic Version (pdf)
We now have a PDF version for those customers wanting to print out additional journal sheets


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Look Inside

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Now you can consistently brew precisely the same beer over and over again, just like your favorite micro-breweries. You will find this an absolute necessity in troubleshooting your brewing processes, and carrying your successes over to new recipes. You will also be able to refer to older recipes and prior batches without having to rely on memory to get it right. This journal will allow you to keep track of every detail of your brewing experiences. Keep accurate records of ingredients, brewing instructions, temperatures, pitching conditions, primary and secondary fermentation stages, specific gravity readings, and taste tests throughout the whole process. This book contains 20 record sheets, 6 recipe cards, 1 equipment inventory sheet, a notes page, conversions table, and other quick reference information.

We spent time carefully researching and planning the look and feel of this homebrewing journal to serve as an aid to you in creating your favorite beers. This journal will help you gain consistency and accuracy each time you produce your favorite beer recipes, and will allow you to track and learn form your brewing experiences. You will find that this journal will help advance your brewing skills through careful record keeping.

We hope you will enjoy this book as much as we have and hope you find it a tremendous value. Ask for “My Homebrewing Journal” at your favorite homebrew stores in your neighborhood, and remember to tip one for us.

The inspiration behind this journal

The idea for this type of book came from my years of experience as a homebrewing connoisseur. After losing countless data sheets and note pages, that would seem to attract every stain and spill, I decided to put this journal together so I could have a record of all my previous experiences in one convenient place. I use this book every time I brew up a batch of beer. Through the meticulous recording of every detail, you are certain to improve each recipe you attempt. I have brewed fifteen year old recipes that tasted the same as the first time I made them. My book still catches spills of all sorts, but I like to think it adds character.

When my friends started asking me where I got my journal I told them that it was just something I threw together. After making a few for them, I thought I might set up a web site and see if anyone else wanted one. The thing people comment on the most is that it helps them follow a standard procedure without getting sidetracked. Resulting in better tasting beers, and recipes that come out the way they are suppose to.

I am offering My Homebrewing Journal to you, hoping you may find it as useful as I do. Even if you don’t care to record every detail, you at least have the option. People continue to tell me that it serves as a great tool for referring to their own past experiences when creating something completely different. They make great gifts for your buddies at the homebrew clubs, and other brewing friends. Ask for them at your local homebrew stores, and wherever brew supplies are sold.

Thanks for your interest in My Homebrewing Journal, and may all your homebrews exceed your expectations.


Travis Toler
Beer Connoisseur

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