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When my interest in bushcraft began to occupy my time, I was hugely dissappointed with the vast majority of knives available to consumers. After hours of research and several bad knife purchases I decided that I would build my own custom knife.

I started with a few knife blanks that were hand forged. These proved out, but were not quite what I was looking for when it came to a good field knife as well as holding some utility purposes. I researched folks like Ray Mears, and Mors Kochanski to determine what they considered a good field or bushcraft blade. Additionally, I dug into names from the past like George Washington Sears “Nessmuk”, Calvin Rutstrum, and Horace Kephart to get a better understanding of the role a blade played into these men’s lives.

I can’t say that I am any more qualified than these other individuals in designing the perfect field knife, but I have learned a lot about blade characteristics after field testing what each of the above folks considered a very good quality knife. There are pro’s and con’s to each style and design chosen by the folks above, and I really didn’t feel qualified to improve upon any of these knives.

What I did end up discovering was that there are endless styles of knives, and as we know there is not a single knife that is perfect in every situation. I feel that most knife-makers spend too much time over thinking the issue. So like the folks listed above, I have learned that simplicity is the key to a good knife. Single tang, single beveled edge, and flat spine able to strike firesteel or process bark into a tinder nest, along with an easy to sharpen blade made from quality steel. With these basic requirements I decided on the Enzo Knife blanks as the shape was parallel to common bushcraft knives preferred today.

I started with a single knife for myself, but as my friends kept asking where they could get one, I soon found myself making several tens of these, so I occassionally have an extra one or two for sale here. I do take custom requests, so use the contact form below to request a custom knife.

Enzo Knife Gallery

Enzo Myrtle Burl Knife
Enzo Myrtle Burl
Enzo Burl Ash Knife
Enzo Burl Ash
Enzo Ebony Knife
Enzo Ebony
Enzo Knives
Enzo Knives





Enzo Lost Coyote Knife
Enzo Lost Coyote
Enzo Mazul Birch Knife
Enzo Mazul Birch



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