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Mason Jar Lighting 1While relaxing one evening, I decided that I would pick up my tablet and browse Facebook. As I was looking at the news feeds, I noticed some really cool and creative DIY projects that I thought might be something fun to try.  There were many projects that I had seen for different types of lighting, but this one seemed simple with little to no modifications to the container or the solar light.

This project needs the following:

1 quart canning jar with ring
1 small bag of decorative stones
1 outdoor solar light

We found the decorative stones and the solar light at the dollar store so we were able to make this for less than $5. Walmart also sells 7 of these solar lights for $9 in their garden center.

When we got home, I decided to put the light together, and I was so excited to see that these went together so easily. We tried two different mason jars and finally settled on the quart jar. I first poured the decorative stone into the mason jar. This filled the jar about 1/3 of the way. I then took the solar light off the stick that it was on, and placed it into the mason jar. I screwed the lid on allowing the light to position itself inside of the ring, and gently shook the jar to settle the stones around the light.

Cheryl light

I placed the jar outside under the setting sun to charge the solar light. As the sun set, the jar started to light up and boy was I surprised with the way it looked. Our son saw the light and thought it was the coolest thing.

This project really impressed me and I think that I will be making a few more for our house. They are pretty cheap and easy to make plus you are using the sun for light and not electricity. This is relatively inexpensive lighting that will definitely accent your patio, driveway, or wherever you choose to place them.

Cheryl Blatnik

Cheryl is energetic,motivated,hard working, determined and loves a good challenge. She enjoys gardening, loves animals, and learning new things. Her goal is to become more self sufficient and a better homesteader. She would like to get back to the basics with cooking, homemaking, and food preservation. Cheryl additionally holds several degrees and enjoys her career within the medical community and working in Accounting. She is successfully raising a teenager of her own and 2 other teenage children. Her life long goal is to live in the country completely off-grid on a productive homestead away from goverment bureaucracy.

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