Homemade Wildlife Deterrent

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burnedboneAfter watching a video about Sepp Holzer’s bone sauce on YouTube, I had an interesting revelation for my own concoction of a wildlife deterrent. Mr. Holzer was talking about making his bone sauce as a means to keep deer and other wildlife from eating his young tree saplings. This intrigued me and after seeing his students respond to the smell and the appearance of this concoction, I wondered if I could use something similar to keep a rival squirrel at bay in my own backyard.

Instead of making the exact same concoction as Sepp Holzer’s, I had an idea to use something similar in concept without all the labor of having to follow his lengthy steps. I feel strongly that the results would be so near the same that the wildlife would probably be equally deterred.

The challenge would be to test my solution to see if it would even deter any wildlife, so I set out in gathering my equivalent to Sepp Holzer’s bone sauce, and begin. I will explain this in more detail later in the article. After gathering some of this potent and equally stinky concoction, I stored it away until such time as I would have a need for this.

.._ the target


Let me tell you about my little squirrel friend. Shortly after moving in to this place I noticed, well actually my two dogs noticed as they were both being taunted by this squirrel in our backyard. Initially I thought nothing of him, and then later as my dogs were going crazy with excitement every time the squirrel would come down from the trees. I thought I would do the dogs and myself a favor and just set a trap for this little critter, on the grounds of the squirrel being a nuisance.

So I baited and set a trap for the squirrel, and carefully watched. The first result was that the bait was gone and the trap was sprung, but no squirrel. This was a bit irritating, so I baited and set the trap again. Again the squirrel stole the bait and set off the trap. Now I am getting a bit more frustrated as it seems that all my efforts are resulting in a fatter squirrel. I postponed trapping, and began watching the squirrel more intently.

Yukon and Kodiak

It seems that the squirrel is quite fond of dogs and really seems to enjoy tormenting my neighbors dogs as well as my own two dogs. In fact that little squirrel goes out of his way to rial any dog that is near. This might seem like a scene out of that movie “Open Season” but this squirrel taunts anything that it fears. The brilliance is that the squirrel, instead of running in fear, has taken a passive aggressive stance against all challengers. My mindset has also changed as I no longer want to get rid of the squirrel but now I am interested to continue to learn from this little critter.

I will save the in-depth analysis of these lessons for another article, but for now lets give our raised beds a break from the squirrel’s nightly raids by trying our own concoction of a wildlife deterrent.

.._ the plan

My test will be to spread some of this concoction around one of the raised beds that he has been frequenting and watch. Then I intend to use the concoction to draw a line in the sand and stripe the side yard fence with this stuff to see if the squirrel is deterred.

I will continue to edit this post with my findings and keep you posted as to the outcome of my success or failure.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that my concoction is pretty easy to come by and is something that everyone with a backyard grill and/or smoker probably already has. I simply scraped the gummy, sticky, runny contents from the bottom of my smoker. This is all the drippings from countless brisket, pork roasts and shoulders that we have cooked in our smoker. The concoction is a runny gooey black burnt mess and resembles Sepp Holzer’s concoction to a “T” based on the comments and reaction of his students and the overall appearance. Though Mr. Holzer, spends quite a long time preparing his famous “Bone Sauce” which I will include the YouTube link in the references below should you want to make some for yourself.

Sep Holzer’s Bone Sauce video
Making Bone Sauce

Sepp Holzer’s book – Permaculture: A Practical Guide to Small-Scale Integrative Farming and Gardening. Click the photo to buy the book on Amazon.

sepp holzers permaculture

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