Homemade Laundry Soap

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Washing Soap IngredientsThe other day, I overheard a few of my co-workers mentioning that they save a bundle making their own laundry soap. One lady says that she gets about a year from a single batch, and that it is really easy to make. She also stated that it is just as effective as named brand laundry soap. I thought it was a great idea since the price of laundry soap is getting outrageous and I am thinking that for a family of 5, it might last about 6 months.

After some research, I discovered that you only need a few items to be able to make your own laundry soap. These ingredients are common and have been available for nearly a half century. I am pretty sure that my grandmother had used a similar recipe back when I was a child.

While at Wal-mart, we pick up the ingredients to make the laundry soap. They are as follows:

  • 1 bar Fels-Naptha
  • 1 Box Borax
  • 1 box Arm and Hammer Washing Soda
  • 5 gallon bucket

I had procrastinated on making the laundry soap until my boyfriend challenged me to make it. I had made many excuses, but when it comes to a challenge, I never back down. I gathered all of the ingredients together in the dining room and then proceeded to follow the recipe.

Grated Fels-NapthaThe first thing I did was get my cheese grater from the cabinet and unwrapped the Fels-Naptha bar to begin shredding it. I used the larger side of my grater so it would go quicker.

Once I finished grating my bar, I grabbed a stock pot out of the cabinet and added the grated Fels-Naptha and put it on a burner. To the shavings, I added 4 cups of hot water, and then proceeded to melt the shavings in the stock pot, until there were no clumps of soap.

I  took a 5 gallon bucket, that we had modified by adding a dispenser to the outside, and filled the bucket 1/2 full of hot water. I poured the soap mixture into the water and then stirred gently I also added 1 cup of Arm and Hammer Washing soda and 1/2 cup Borax.

After stirring, I added enough water to take the level to the top of the bucket. I stirred again and then placed the lid on it. This mixture needs to set overnight, and should be stirred again the next morning.

Melting Fels-NapthaThe laundry soap is now ready to be dispensed into containers.  I decided to keep it in the 5 gallon bucket and use it to fill an old laundry detergent container when I run empty. The ratio for the mixture is 1 part concentrate to 1 part  water  or 50/50, and gently mix then add a standard cap-ful to each load as you would with regular detergent.

Overall, I am very pleased with the results that I have observed so far. The clothes that were washed with the laundry soap have a fresh clean fragrance and came out clean. I am excited to begin saving money by not having to purchase laundry soap each month.

Please post your questions and comments or share your thoughts and experiences with me about using homemade laundry soap.





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