Growing Apple Trees From Seeds

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Apple Peeler Corer SlicerA while back we read an article of how you can grow apple trees by taking seeds from any old apple core and germinate them into a seedling. Well this just sounded too easy. We went to the store and bought several varieties of apples and brought them back home to try out what we read.

We peeled sliced and cored the apples using our apple peeler/corer, which is modeled after an antique version that does the same. Some things are just better than our electric appliances that we’ve grown to depend on, but nothing beats the old apple peeler/corer hand cranked tool.

wpid-20140508_172359.jpgAfter peeling, slicing, and coring these apples we pulled all the seeds, vacuum sealed the apples, labeled them, and tossed them into the freezer. Next we gathered all the seeds keeping them separated, we placed each into a soaking wet paper towel and then put into a Ziploc bag and pressed the air out. Finally, we tossed them into the crisper drawer in the bottom of our refrigerator, and left them there for 30+ days.

Last weekend we pulled the seed bags out and to our surprise we had little germinated apple seeds. We attained about a 93% germination rate, and after storing about 100 seeds there were only 7 that didn’t take. These were pretty good odds for our first attempt. Next we placed them into our cone-tainers, which are long and slim containers that are grooved on the inside to guide the roots to grow more vertical instead of spiraling.

Container Apple Tree SeedlingsThen after getting these seeds into the containers we watered each one and placed a plastic tray over the top to help retain moister levels. We are checking on them daily and they seem to be doing well, though it has only been a couple of days and none have really started to break through the soil as of yet.

By germinating our own seeds and growing apple trees may pan out to be a fair business line that will allow us to secure more seed varieties. We are hopeful that we can bring these trees to the level of a healthy seedling in order to create interest in these hardy zone 4 trees.

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