Got Permaculture Design Certification?

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Cheryl and myself have become certified permaculture designers. Recently we completed our PDC course and have submitted our designs for approval.

Last spring we signed up with and became founding members to support Jack Spirko, Nick Ferguson, and Josiah Wallingford in setting up the first of many Permaethos farms.

PDC CertificateSupporting them gave us the opportunity to take their PDC course at a reduced rate, which was much more afordable. We both really enjoyed the course and would recommend this to anyone interested in learning how to grow your own food using nature instead of commanding nature to provide for you. A bit cliche but permaculture is about leveraging the natural world to help in producing a bounty for you and your family.

Having our certification doesn’t really change much, but it feels rewarding to be among some of the finest in the field of permaculture. This certification is basically the first step towards gathering and learning so much more in the permaculture field. We have both been reading and studying about permaculture before we decided to go for this certification. At the time it seemed like the logical next step, and now it seems to have catapulted us to dig in more to specific areas within this field and work towards specializing in theseĀ areas.

Though we did this mainly for our own benefit and satisfaction for having done so, we have enjoyed working with our friends and neighbors to help them understand better methods for producing a yield in their gardens and homesteads.

So if you are interested you can look us up on Permaculture Global and see our names among the great halls of permaculture. (Travis profile) OR You can ask your questions here and continue to follow us to see what our next exciting projects will bring.


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