Chickens: The Girls Are Moving Out!

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The closing was final last Saturday, and they got the keys to their new home. We are looking forward to getting them out of our house as they are really starting to generate some stink…

The girls are quickly adjusting to life in their new digs. They were a bit confused and wouldn’t come out all day Saturday. So we brought them out Sunday so they could learn their new area and eat and get some water. Then Sunday night after dinner I noticed they were all huddled down below, so I had to go out there and place them up in the coup so they can roost and stay warm. We are still providing them a heat lamp as the nights still get down around 40 degrees, and we want to give them some time to acclimate to this new environment.

In the next couple of weeks we will remove the heat lamp, and provide more seed and barley for them to forage. Once we burn through this starter feed we are hoping to get them on cracked corn and supplement feed.

Chickens 3I remember our previous chickens being more social than these birds. They are beginning to get their golden feathers in their breast and are maturing normally. Though these birds appear to be pretty flighty I am hopeful that is just their youth and they will grow out of it once their order is more solidified. Otherwise we will be clipping their wings to keep them in the yard.

On Monday they really seem to have settled in, and have found their food and water. We bought them larger food and water containers for the girls as they will be quickly out growing the needs of their old containers. I will be hanging the food container, but need to provide some way to rig up a hanging system. The water should be fine on the ground, but will eventually need to hang that as well.

We will keep you posted as to the many rewards, challenges, and hours of enjoyment these chickens are certain to bring to the homestead. Your comments, suggestions, and advice is always welcome. Thanks

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