Can You Have Too Many Trees?

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Fruit Trees
Fruit Trees: Apple, Cherry, Peach, Fruit Cocktail

This last weekend as we were running errands, Cheryl had asked me if I was planning to purchase any more trees. My reply was that I still wanted to get a couple of apple trees, and she commented how she had remembered her grandfather having cherry trees, and she very much liked to harvest those cherries in the fall. Up until that time I had been contemplating cherry trees, but had postponed the idea, because I already had plans for a “Fruit Cocktail” tree, peach tree, several apple trees, and a pawpaw tree. If having a few cherry trees would make her happy, then hey this is a “win-win” because I get to plant two more fruit bearing trees, and have a couple more varieties in which to propogate.

So we stopped at a couple of stores, and I was getting discouraged, because I guess for Colorado April is still too early to be planting trees, as most of the stores had not received their trees for the season. After checking our usual garden section in one of our stores we were able to find two varieties of cherries that we decided upon. I have been checking that same store for apple trees for some time without any luck. They had a couple yellow delicious trees, but I wanted a couple apple trees that were a bit more interesting.

Later that day we hit the feed store and they got a small order of trees in, that were hidden just beyond the fencing material. I perused the selection and found a few gems. They had a couple honeycrisp, and cortland apple trees. I was sold instantly and the price was significantly lower than the other store where we picked up the cherry trees. So now we have rounded out our tree purchases for the next couple years, standing with the two apple trees, a peach, fruit cocktail which consists of peach, appricot, nectarine, and plum, along with the two cherry trees we picked up earlier that day.

So the next challenge is to review each trees requirements and try and select the best spot for each tree within our space. Our yard is roughly 50ft by 50ft square with a 6ft privacy fence all the way around. We already have a couple large pines and a standing dead aspen tree. We have lots of small aspens that will need to go, to make room for more productive trees. We are also considering our side yard which is roughly 15ft by 30ft that gets a lot of early morning sun.  I’m not a fan of placing trees very close to the house, but this would provide some shade on the siding and should help keep that side of the house from heating up too much in the summer.

Well, I have some work ahead of me, and will keep you posted when I have decided where to place each of these trees, and how I intend to propogate each for future trees as well as taking cuttings to recoup my purchase price/initial investment. I will try and post a plot map in the next couple days with my design ideas.

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