Berkey Water Filter: The Newest Member on the Homestead

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Berkey Water FilterProbably the single most  important thing for a homesteader is water. We use it for cooking, cleaning, watering the garden, yard, plants etc, and we also need it for our own nourishment or hydration. The Berkey water filter system is probably the single most important thing we now own.

I will not go into all the uses of water, and go on about the importance of good clean drinking water, but I do want to mention that you should consider your drinking water as one of the most important things in our lives. Through history there have been a lot battles and conflicts were won simply by laying siege and denying their opposition of water.

Why does our U.S Government spend millions if not billions of dollars safeguarding our drinking water. Over time states have decided to regulate their populations drinking water by putting additives into the water, such as Illinois mandating that fluorite/fluoride be added to all drinking water sources because they thought it would improve the dental health of the state’s population.

Stop letting the government tell you what acceptable levels of contamination are, and take back your right to decide by using a Berkey water filter. Too much trust is placed on the government to provide safe drinking water, and too many things can contaminate the water from prescription drugs to metal and mineral deposits.

Berkey Water FilterThe easiest way to spread disease is through the drinking water systems. Take for example the Cholera epidemic in London. The contamination of one well infected hundreds of people, and as there were multiple wells involved thousands were infected and hundreds died.

The Berkey water filter gets high marks for me as this assembled easily with no tools and works as expected delivering fresh clean drinking water. The system comes with two filters but has capacity for four filters to allow more throughput. The Berkey looks great, takes up little space and has a rubberized footer to prevent slipping and a good quality spigot that doesn’t leak.


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