Construction of Anvil Stand

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Anvil StandThis anvil stand will give us a place to be able to repair and make some basic tools and hardware. Every homestead needs to be able to make and repair tools and metal objects, and this anvil stand is the first of several projects that will give us this capability.

Our blacksmith shop will be very basic and include only a few essentials, though should be adequate for most blacksmithing needs. A few years ago, while living in the midwest, I was able to procure an anvil, blower, and floor vice from a gentleman up in Michigan. Additionally, I was able to also pick up a few accessories and different tongs to allow me to get started. With that and purchasing a couple of hammers, files, wire brushes, and a few pieces of rebar, it seems that we have the making for a small forge.

wpid-wp-1422314449917.jpegIt has been a dream of mine to learn this lost art and begin providing some basic tools that can be used in homesteading, bushcraft, woodcraft, woodworking, and around the house, whether for decoration or purpose. My family has been working with metal and steel for most of my life performing jobs from steel erection and fabrication to welding, painting, and structural design, detailing, and engineering.

This project required the use of one 6″ x 6″ x 8′ red treated landscape timber. I cut each of the four legs with a 3 degree bevel into 17″ sections and cut tenons into the top of each. anvilstand 3Then I took the remaining timber and ripped it in half as this is to serve as the bench. I cut mortises into each bench portion and aligned the legs to fit into the mortises and drilled a 1/2″ hole into¬†the sides of the bench through the mortise and tenon joint to secure the legs to the bench and the two bench halves to eachother. I secured with 1 foot of all-thread rods and fastened with a washer and nut. I chamfered all the outside edges of the legs and underside of bench.

I will probably miter cut the corners of the bench and chamfer all the edges to give this a clean look and feel. Then I plan to secure the anvil to the stand by blocking the side and then cut a few holes through the bench suface for storing hammers, tongs, and anvil accessories.

I look forward to getting each aspect of the blacksmith forge operational and hope that you will come along for the journey.

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