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Travis┬áhas worked as a computer technician, artist, freelance web and graphic designer, application and web developer, research analyst, instructor, professor, and business owner. Travis’ interests are vast and extend from primative skills to alternative energy. He has a renewed interest and has become an urban homesteader and is growing his own food.

Cheryl …

As preppers and outdoor enthusiasts, we wanted to take a small house in a standard middle american neighborhood and turn it into a homestead that would provide the basic needs for long term sustainability. Our goal was to raise chickens and rabbits as well as grow vegetables with an emphasis on perennials, to be able to subsidize some if not all of our food costs and dependencies. This breaks down into lots of small projects that are both from a preparedness as well as a homestead perspective. What this means to you is that as we identify projects and experiment with different methods, we intend to publish our trials and tribulations here so that you can share in our rewards. We welcome all feedback, and different perspectives so be respectful and comment, like, and share with your friends.

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